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There are various types of intestinal disease that are grouped together as a Digestive disease.

Waste and fluids are filtered from our blood by kidney,failure can accumulate waste in to our body.

Orthopaedic disorders deals with the deformioties in skeletal system of the body.

Respiratory disease is associated with the lungs and also it can be termed as air born disease.

In this type of disease basically human skin is infected by bacteria, worm, or other types of gems and infections.

Many a times infections in liver can cause liver failure and can be prevent liver from well functioning.

In Cardiology basically disease related to heart is termed, diseases vessels and blood clots can cause heart problems or failure.

A branch of medicine which deals with the disease associated with the nervous systems are termed as neurology.



We are one of the best homeopathic clinic in Lucknow for various types of chronic illness and other diseases for skin, kidney, heart, Liver, Digestive disease, Orthopaedic Disorders..


With vast and long period of time experience in various types of diseases and illness we have best homeopathic doctor in Lucknow.


We at Aarohi Homeopathic Center in Lucknow deal in various types of illness and treatment. Special care and attention are given to every person respectfully.


Homeopathy or Homeopathic medicine, a Pseudoscientific type of alternative medicine, originated by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1796. In India in the year 1839, Dr. John Martin Honigberger introduced homeopathic medicine treatment in Bengal. Dr. Rajendra Lal Dutta is known as the father of Indian Homeopathy. In the year 1863, Rajendra Lal Dutta treated Pandit Ishwar Vidyasagar for one of his chronic illnesses. Through homeopathic treatment, he got an excellent result for his treatment. Dr. Mahendra Lal Sircar started practicing Homeopathic medicine in the year 1867 in Bengal and meanwhile homeopathic medicine practitioners spread to other parts of the country. Homeopathic preparations are made up of homeopathic dilution and they are termed as “homeopathic remedies”. In homeopathy, it is common to receive different treatments for different people with the same condition or the same symptoms.

In Lucknow, homeopathic medicines are in great demand. It is not only good for adult people but also for children and Senior citizens. People of all ages and all gender are healed through this alternative medicine. It has a very low side effect rate as compared to other medicines. For homeopathic treatment, you should always consult a good and experienced doctor. For a good result, you can visit us at Aarohi Homeopathic Clinic. The best Homeopathic treatments and consultation center with the best homeopathic doctor in Lucknow

Two unconventional theories of homeopathy medicine on which it works :

1). “LIKE  CURES LIKE” or “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” means ``A substance that causes symptoms of disease in healthy people can cure symptoms in sick people”.

2). “Law of minimum dose” which means ``Lower the dose of medicine, greater it’s effectiveness. 

 We at Aarohi Homeopathic Center in Lucknow have managed various types of illness and treatment. Special care and attention are given to every person respectfully. With years of experience in homeopathy, various types of diseases are treated at Aarohi homeopathic treatment in Lucknow by our well-handed experienced Dr. Ajai Kumar Pal, Ms. Dr. Kiran Pal.

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